A selection of photos from research voyages to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica

In reverse chronological order
SCALE Winter Cruise July-August 2019

A continuation of glider deployments in the Southern Ocean for the ROAM-MIZ project. One Seaglider and a Sailbuoy were deployed near the sea ice edge in the middle of winter, as well as two SWIFT buoys and a Seasonal Ice Mass Balance buoy within the sea ice zone.

Weddell Sea Expedition 2018-2019

First deployment of a Sailbuoy in the southern hemisphere. Our “Kringla” was doing a great job collecting data in the rough environment. Two Sealiders and a profiling float for the ROAM-MIZ project were also deployed. Check the live data output on roammiz.com!

ORCHESTRA voyage to Drake Passage 2017-2018

First deployment of the Gothenburg Seaglider (Semla) in the Southern Ocean as part of the British-led ORCHESTRA project. Semla was deployed at the southern end of the Drake Passage between November 2017 and February 2018, collecting high resolution measurements in conjunction with 4 Slocum gliders and a Wave Glider. Louise deployed Semla from the RRS James Clark Ross, and assisted with other oceanographic measurements taken on the SR1b line between the Antarctic Peninsula and Chile.


SOSCEx II & Antarctica 2013-2014

Second major deployment of Seagliders and Wave Gliders as part of the SOSCEx II campaign. Science conducted on the RV SA Agulhas II between Cape Town and Antarctica. Seb spent two weeks at SANAE base, assisting the geologists on fieldwork to Antarctic Nunatuks.

Photo credits: Rosie Dwight, Ken Findley, Dave Scott

SOSCEx I & Antarctica 2012-2013

The first Southern Ocean glider deployments ever made during the SOSCEx I campaign. A total of 5 Seagliders were deployed in one austral summer season, two deployed near Gough Island and three deployed along the GoodHope monitoring line. Science conducted on the RV SA Agulhas II.

South Georgia and Southern Thule Islands 2006

South Georgia and Southern Thule research leg to conduct a CTD and UCTD survey on route between Antarctic ice shelf.

Photo credits: Phil Massie 

SANAE Expedition and Antarctica 2005-2006

Three month SANAE expedition between Cape Town and Antarctica on the grand old lady, SA Agulhas (I) along the GoodHope monitoring line with a visit to SANAE base.

Photo credits: Phil Massie 

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