Penguin bukta!

Just in time for Christmas, we arrived in penguin bukta. Actually, this is more the save parking spot for the boat at night, when no offloading or fuel-pumping is taking place. But it is at the same time also a wonderful spot for observation of penguins, whales and seals. To celebrate the first Christmas day, we took a walk on the ice. The penguins were very curious about us, so we were able to take some gorgeous photos of the penguins in front of the massive ice bergs!

In the meantime, we were busy in the lab to fix the underway PCO2 measurement system. Since the start of the journey, we had some bad luck about it and disassembled and replaced its pump and peltier element and fiddled with its software. It seems like it is cursed and it just would not start to work. But eventually we will get there. We still have some time left here in Penguin Bukta until we fly to the fast-land base on the first of January…

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