Polar Gliders and VOTO join forces again!

Last week, five Polar Gliders group members were involved in a 3-day Sailbuoy training course held at the Voice of the Ocean and SCOOT space in Nya Varvet, Göteborg. VOTO has recently acquired two of these nifty, robust platforms to obtain measurements of ocean currents, surface hydrography and meteorology and fish abundance.

Sailbuoy is a small (1.5 m) autonomous sailboat, powered by solar panels and piloted from shore. They use wind energy to tack with the wind, giving it forward movement, getting surface ocean measurements along the way. Developed by Norwegian company Offshore Sensing, these platforms have already shown their worth after travelling from the Antarctic Polar waters to the South African west coast, a journey of over 3000 km! This particular mission was a part of the Polar Gliders ROAM-MIZ project, where the first publication using its data was published by Sebastiaan Swart this year.

The Sailbuoy’s will be employed to fulfil the SAMBA mission, Smart Autonomous Monitoring of the Baltic Sea, which kicks off this week. The Polar Gliders members involved in the training (Seb, Louise, Estel, Martin and Marcel) will assist the VOTO pilots with their mission and solidify the partnership between Polar Gliders and the VOTO public initiative aimed to support scientific projects, enhance technology at sea and improve the knowledge and interest in our oceans eco-systems.

We look forward to many successful missions ahead!

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